May 23rd, 2016


Sto Werkstatt’s new exhibition, One Thing After Another, designed by Sam Jacob Studio, will be unveiled tomorrow as part of Clerkenwell Design Week 2016.

Sam Jacob Studio was invited to create a unique installation for the Werkstatt’s gallery space that explores the exchange of information between digital and physical worlds.

One Thing After Another starts with the most mundane yet essential form of architecture – a garden shed. The structure was 3D scanned to create a digital copy which was then processed and scaled to fabricate a new CNC’d version from Sto’s lightweight construction material Verolith, made of 90% perlite – a type of volcanic stone.

In a Russian Doll-like arrangement, the original shed will sit inside this larger digital version, and will be reflected optically by the mirrored StoVentec Glass cladding on the interior. Inside it will contain a doll-house scaled copy of itself.

One Thing After Another explores prevailing questions on the impact of new digital technology on architecture and design.

“One Thing After Another is part of a series of projects we’ve been working on that explore the possibilities of digital inputs and outputs,” explains Sam Jacob, Director at Sam Jacob Studio. “They explore how objects can be transmitted through forms of technology and how that transmission leaves its trace within architectural substance – both a recording of a thing and that thing simultaneously. This ‘post-digital’ architecture is more than building: It’s information that remains in flux, that can be evaporated, distilled and precipitated between digital file and physical construction then back again. Technology gives us new ways of seeing that in turn transform the world.”

Click here to see a special preview of One Thing After Another

Sam Jacob will be discussing how new technologies affect the design process at ‘Digital in Design: Exploring New Possibilities’ on Tuesday 24th at 12.30pm at The Goldsmiths’ Centre.

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