March 9th, 2017

Best Thought Leadership win at the MPF Awards with Trowers & Hamlins

Last night our client Trowers & Hamlins won Best Thought Leadership at the MPF Awards. This was a ringing endorsement for a project that was a true collaboration between agency and client.

The ‘Highly Valued, Hard to Value’ campaign continues to be highly effective in starting conversations and working relationships with a whole range of leaders from across the built environment industry. The term thought leadership is overused but this campaign was powerful because it began with real opinions about how our industry works. The original premise set out to create a mark of ‘best practice’ in property development and we believe it is important to place a value on real estate that goes beyond pounds per square foot. By measuring all the other qualities such as social, environmental and economic impact on building users and the communities that surround them, we can support everyone from local authorities to developers and investors in creating the best buildings and places.


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