April 10th, 2017

The Expert View: Steve Sanham from Developer HUB on what they want to hear from architects

Steve Sanham is the managing director of HUB and, together with HUB’s development directors, is responsible for choosing the architects HUB works with.

Here are his five top tips for architects wanting to pitch to work with HUB…

Obtain a clear brief – understand the constraints (physical, political, financial) as best as you can – write the brief down, replay it to the client and refer back to it at key stages.

Don’t be afraid to be creative – let the developer concentrate on the boring bits, you are there to bring the zing, to reimagine, question and challenge, within limits!

Draw – not every kernel of an idea needs to be fully formed, or fully coordinated, before it’s discussed. Sketch out ideas, use tracing paper and encourage the client to get their pens out too.

Understand costs – not necessarily the nuts and bolts of what a nut and a bolt costs, but more importantly understand what drives costs, and where the big ones sit – in the ground, in the building efficiency, in the cladding system, etc.

Be flexible – the first scheme you come up with will not see it to the finish line. Fact. You need to be ready to adapt to things, such as the brief, market forces and political pressures changing over the project timeline. Price this in to your fee. It’s really difficult to enter into a fee negotiation when you’re having to make changes to a project for unforeseen reasons.


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