January 5th, 2012

GLORIOUS! growth

Just before we broke out of the office for Christmas, it was reported in The Grocer that GLORIOUS! had increased its year on year sales by 80%, in comparison to an overall growth in the soup category of 5.5%. These impressive 2011 growth figures far outshone all other soups in the top twenty, and pushed the brand up eight places from its 2010 position at number 15.

Laced throughout the Top Products Survey 2011, there are signs that quality foods are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Despite challenging economic conditions and pressures on household budgets,  great quality products are shining through with impressive sales and growth figures.

For us at ING MEDIA, this is fantastic news as these are the products we like to work with. Our guiding principle is to ensure PR impacts the bottom line, helping every client we work with to achieve its business goals and objectives. But, we also don’t promote any product that we wouldn’t  eat ourselves.

GLORIOUS!, with its bold flavours created using quality ingredients, is the perfect example of a quality brand winning over shoppers, and another client we are proud to have helped grow.


    2012-01-13 09:53:19

    "Proof that an excellent PR team are an integral part to the success of FMCG businesses. This soup deserves the growth its achieved; fantastic product that's routed itself in what consumers want, quality at an affordable price."

    2012-01-13 09:35:40

    "Wow what a climb! Great product and PR by ING Media. Great to see that you only work for products you really believe in, much easier to be enthusiastic about something you like!"

    Clea Baker
    2012-01-11 17:26:54

    "Congratulations! Having a great product that you believe in really helps to promote it effectively. 80% grow in sales is incredible!"

    2012-01-11 16:32:22

    "This is a great post - I have always admired ING MEDIA's dedication to the bottom line of its clients. Although measuring PR can sometimes be difficult (as we know it is not comparable to advertising), I think when a client reports sales growth due in part to a well-rounded PR campaign, there is no denying the ROI."

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